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How to survive and thrive through a photoshoot (or any big important project) + 9 of my Fave Get-Ready-Steps

#bts: Wiped and chowing at my fave restaurant after a huge shoot day #2! My smile is on the know conserving the energy...

#bts: Wiped and chowing at my fave restaurant after a huge shoot day #2! My smile is on the know conserving the energy...

Last week I had a HUGE re-branding photoshoot and videoshoot for my biz. And I learned some incredible lessons.

Let me start with a story:

The last time I had a brand photoshoot I:

  • Didn't get any sleep
  • Got my period and felt like I was going to keel over
  • Didn't get any time with my mentor because she was getting her own photos taken during my time slot
  • Bought clothes that I honestly wasn't thrilled about wearing
  • Was left to my own devices to accessorize the clothes and rush behind the camera in stead of getting support like the other 14 people being photographed that day
  • Cried in between shots

Yup. Now you're going to go over to my website and try to see what I'm talking about in the pictures. I only used two of the shots from that shoot (in the sparkly silver dress) because of these problems. Lol go ahead.

I have had a story for 5 years about that shoot. About people letting me down, about bad timing, about EVERYTHING from the victim standpoint.

And while all of it is true, it happened. There was ONE BIG stinking non-Truth in there that went lurking about for years.

Which is: it's ME. Not them. I had some major visibility healing that I needed to do about my own worthiness, my own power, my deservability to be supported, to be in a light and happy place about major upleveling projects like these.

How do I know this? On the eve of my brilliantly self-curated brand photoshoot this week I saw my victimhood issues show up, my visibility fears still latent within my ego, and my final and last-to-go tendencies to hide my power from myself. AGAIN. And I planned everything around my period and hired my own team.

Here's some more story to illustrate:

  • I've had poor communication with my Husband about needs and expectations for this event (I basically have been assuming he totally gets every detail of how I want this thing to unfold and it's caused arguments between us based on a lack of communication)
  • I've wanted to make up a story as a result that he or someone else is going to ruin it for me
  • my adrenals tanked because I've been pushing my energy and not sleeping as much as I need, and I'm now on a recovery protocol, and had to push the shoot back a few days
  • I thought about canceling this at least 5 times when various obstacles have come up (like seriously easy obstacles and the little girl in me is like: should we just cancel? Lol. No sweetie)

Now, I'm not a freshman when it comes to working through my stories, my B.S. and my fears, so here's what I did to find my way, and what you can do too before any important event, and especially a photoshoot or videoshoot.

The B.S. Buster List: (for any important project)

  1. Realize that YOU and you alone create your reality. It's not them, it's YOU. Everything around you is just gonna mirror back to you the areas inside your being you get to work on right now. For example: Not feeling supported in your project? Make a list of everything you need support with, who you want to ask, and then GO and get that support. Don't just sit there and let yourself feel like a victim.
  2. Get real: EVERYONE has fears when it comes to a major upleveling project like a photoshoot or any opportunity to show up as your NEXT LEVEL SELF. Make a list of what you're afraid of, how you've behaved in the past when you've done something similar, and what you'd like to do differently this time.
  3. When you feel scared, like collapsing and canceling, like EVERYONE else is letting you down, STOP. Realize that this is an ego trick and it's designed to give you a sense of contrast so you can SEE EXACTLY what you have to work on within YOURSELF. Yay!
  4. You think you're just having a photoshoot/special event? HA! Your having an opportunity to work on your deepest, darkest sh%*. GO GET IT LIKE A QUEEN WOULD. Face it head on, squarely, bravely, and with a mighty sword of TRUTH.
  5. DON'T buy into your own b.s.

Oh and if you really have a photoshoot, videoshoot or event coming up, here's 9 seriously practical and awesome get-ready-steps after you've dealt with the above to get you into your feminine and in your power:

9 Get-Ready Steps for Any Photoshoot, Videoshoot or Live-Event:

  1. Hire a team you love (you should feel thrilled to be in their energy-space, otherwise, it’s not a match)
  2. Don't settle with your clothes or jewelry, go to your edge and let yourself wear the best stuff (I suggest a Brand Stylist like Sybil Henry of my Fairy God-sister of brand strategy and style)
  3. Connect to your mission emotionally right before stepping in front of the camera. Close your eyes, breathe and move your body, and let your mission reach every cell in your body before opening your eyes and taking your first pictures. Rinse and repeat all day.
  4. Tell everyone EXACTLY how to support you (s-p-e-l-l it OUT) We aren’t mind-readers!
  5. Get glorious sleep (lose the illusion that getting more done at night is going to help you. It’ll just backfire)
  6. Exfoliate (Luminescence!)
  7. Get a mani/pedi (ahhhhhhh)
  8. Get a massage (I suggest the day before the event)
  9. Be a Queen (means NO victim stories, ask for what you want, don’t make demands. Queens know they are in charge of their reality, and don’t have to beg and plead and yell. They get resourced, quickly and calmly.)
  10. BONUS: okay if you have some strong emotions like sad or mad or scared etc. that are coming up during the event, DON’T suppress them in service to ‘being a Queen’. Even a Queen has private space to express and feel her emotions, and has an ally she can confide in. DO THAT. No emotions are bad, they are simply information that a NEED has gone unmet (stay tuned for the next blog post going deeper on how to unclog your system from supresssed emotions so you can truly feel FREE)

What are YOUR best practices for taking care of yourself before an important event or photoshoot?

Would love to hear in the comments on the blog, I’m always looking for new tools in my toolbox!



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When you're about to give up on yourself

A personal story from me to help you stay firmly on your path


stay the course.png

Do not waver dear one.

You are meant to BE great.

You were designed by the Creator for great things, be they small acts, or huge changes you effect

Your life-force is vital to the planet

To the collective

and when your heart is service-based, and your intentions spiritually-centered

You will be a catalyst for grass-roots change

Even by your presence

If you simply remember your True Self

and EMBODY that everywhere you go

Your very presence will transform the people around you

Here's a video message of hope


if you've ever considered, or are currently considering, giving up on yourself in some way

Be a strong ship

and stay on course

All my love,


3 Keys to Stay in Your Feminine and Stay in Action So You Can Prosper as a Woman Entrepreneur

It's not easy being driven

Paith in Tree Small.png

Some of us are so unlucky that we have this nagging drive to change the world with our gifts. It nags us when we should be sleeping. It nags us when we should be sitting down to eat instead of pacing with a bowl and spoon in hand. It nags us when we should be present to the person in front of us instead of 'getting a download' for the next way we can serve others.

Oh haha! Let's face it, that's a fabulous problem to have. But when a woman is that driven by her purpose and mission, it can create some difficult results everywhere else in her life. You might get stuck in your masculine a lot, you might push yourself past the point of tiredness a lot in your work day, or you might make decisions from a place of fear rather than a place of love.

And of course, everyone does this stuff, all the way up to the top earners and leaders in any market. But what separates those who stay inspired, grateful, full of energy and on course and those that get depleted, burnt out, resentful, and want to burn down their business (or do that unwittingly through sabotage) are a few simple tools that I'd like to pass on to you today.

I built my first business on a combination of inspiration and fear. I made a lot of money in my first few launches, but I also had a huge fear of  not being able to pay bills if I didn't take massive action. It was a good learning experience, and I'm back from it to tell you how to stay in your feminine AND stay in conscious action so you can truly prosper.

To prosper isn't only about money-making, it is about being truly happy and spiritually-enriched and knowing who you really are so that you can contribute your authentic self in all that you do; to prosper is, in essence, to be free.

Here are the 3 Keys to Staying in your Feminine and in Action at the same time:

  1. Get Embodied - no matter who you are, because you have a body (your vehicle for your destiny in life) you MUST move it in a loving, conscious manner in order to stay in your feminine. Preferably find a spiritual practice that includes the body like yoga, qi gong, meditation, etc. and cultivate that. Some practices like Nia and Ecstatic Dance feel very spiritual to me because I use that time to deepen my connection with the Creator. Almost anything anywhere can support your spiritual cultivation in your body if you have an intention for that to happen. Some of my favorite ways to get embodied with the support of others are: massage, float tanks, sound baths, devotional concerts, chanting, and singing. On my own I like to: swim in the ocean no matter what temperature it is, do a moving meditation, paint & draw (yes these have the same affect on the brain and body as meditation and are very embodying) 
  2. Get into Your Beauty - your Beauty is a spiritual power and quality, NOT skin deep. First and foremost connect with your inner radiance (this is where step 1 is of utmost importance) so that you KNOW who you are as a Soul, and feel the deep beauty of your reality. Then it's time to cultivate and enjoy outer beauty rituals which really anchor the feminine into the body in a solid way. Learn the Sacred Art of Makeup and sit down to do your makeup in the morning (preferable after you've moved your body); light candles just for your own enjoyment; buy flowers once a week for the house; play music that inspires you to move your body throughout the day; learn about your body's shape and style essence, go on a diet from negative self-talk; be compassionate with yourself; and, perhaps most importantly, learn what loving yourself really means (see yourself a Spiritual Being, whose purpose is to know and love her Creatoror whatever you want to call it, The Universe, Divine Essence etc.rather than a body whose purpose is to be perfect.)
  3. Get into Your Purpose - Find out what your deeper purpose is behind what you ‘do’ or ‘sell’. Connect with that deeper purpose in some ritual every morning and every evening, meditate with it in mind, say prayers, ask for guidance, then be still and let the wisdom come. The next day (or in the moment), act on any actions steps that came to you in your meditation. Find ways to serve others more fully with your gifts, whether it is how you infuse love into the meals you make for your family, or the energy of the words you say, or the thoughts you think as you interact with someone whom you want to feel ‘enough’ and ‘whole’.  Infuse this service-oriented mindset into your work/offerings.


Beauty is a spiritual quality and it is accentuated by purpose, a woman in her purpose and in her feminine pleasure is unstoppable, this is the key to her prosperity {Tweet that!}

Now it's time for me to hear from you, how do YOU stay in your feminine and in action, or what is one change you are going to make from the suggestions above? Share in the comments below.