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I Want You to Slow Down

What you see when you're on foot in life, aka moving slower...

What you see when you're on foot in life, aka moving slower...

It had been a good day.

I felt productive. I had slept well. I had spent the final hour of my time moving my body and praying and meditating.

I felt centered.

Had communed with Spirit, and let the Light in and observed beauty in my house, in my life and within my Self.

Just before I was to leave to pick up my daughter from preschool I got a call from my dentist (which I had been waiting for because I wanted to pay my balance over the phone and get it out of the way)

So I took the call knowing it might make me a few minutes late. (I’ve been really trying to work on my timeliness)

And sure enough, it did.

But not in the way that I thought.

As I hung up the phone I felt compelled to RUSH, and haphazardly grab my stuff and in a flurry of stress hormones jut out the door and leap into my….

oh wait.

I don’t have my truck keys.

I don’t have ANY keys.


I can’t get in my house and I can’t get in my car. And I’m imminently due to pick up my daughter.

Sooo…I start hoofing it to school.

I’ve never done this before.

It’s been years actually since I was allowed to exercise (think symptomatic with EBV for 3 years, sleep-deprived with a baby that wouldn’t sleep more than 3 hours at a time for 3 years and raisin-sized adrenals) so this is new.

It’s a 3 minute drive, so I figure it’s a 20 minute walk and I just start going.

And, of course, at first i’m irritated and annoyed with myself and the situation.

‘Humbling’, I muttered under my breath. I wasn’t in control. I was going to have to ask for help all the way around.

I would have to call my landlord to bring me a spare (cuz yes my husband had just lost his house key last week!)

And wait for an hour and a half at the preschool for my husband, who was headed to south Denver at the time, to make his way through traffic and back up to us to get us home with a carseat. (you don’t walk with a preschooler in Colorado sun up a hill for 20 minutes, it would be like dragging a cat on a walk…but I digress)

So as I went, something started melting in me.

First, it was my anxiety.

I relented. To the situation, the lack of control I had. The fact that I would not zip anywhere fast, and in fact would have to sloooooowwww way down on my plans for the day. And also wait. Just wait for others to help me.

Next, as I walked, my senses came alive. Suddenly I could smell! Delights came to my nose like spring flowers, and weeds, and lawns being watered, and just, fresh air.

Then, I noticed people started waving at me. People on foot or on bikes who were also not in metal boxes zipping by at a million.

Yup. Life. Connection. Joy. It really set in.

I’m not telling you what to do or exactly how to do it, but I’m suggesting you slow down today somehow.

It was altogether soooo enlightening about how disconnected I had actually been feeling from the collective, from nature and from life itself because I have had myself scheduled very tight and been zipping around in my metal box aka truck to get places, and really NOT enlivening my senses with the space and people around me.

Slowing down allows you to feel, and when you feel, you heal.

Since then, I’ve been more apt to do everything on foot that I can. And its glorious. Just this morning I leapt out of the house with daughter and stroller in hand, excited to re-join life and discover more trails in my neighborhood, meet people, sense wind, and aroma and color and just ahhhhhh. BE. 

Luckily, I live next to some epic open space, and there are trails for days interweaving with apartments and houses and everything.

But really, just a long walk down a busy street to my daughter’s school is what catalyzed it.

I hope you try it too. And perhaps not in a force-your-hand way where you’ve locked yourself out of your car and your house.

But by choice! What can you do to enliven your senses? Awaken your connection to your body and to life itself? How do you want to slow down today? What small change could you experiment with today that will help you feel more connected? More joyful? More peaceful?

If you want accountability to your ideas, share them in the comments below!

Love you.