5 Simple Steps to Move Gracefully Through Any Change (+ How CHANGE is like death and why that scares us into stuckness)


Just recently, my Husband flew back to MI to help my father-in-law transition to the next world.

He had gotten sick last week, kidneys failed, and as a few days progressed, it became clear that this was going to be his graduation.

I felt all kinds of emotions.

Joy, relief, and grief.

I miss him. He was an awesome father-in-law. He ALWAYS sent cards on time, to the day, he didn’t miss a communication moment for an anniversary or anything. He accepted me completely as I am, and never tried to change me. He thanked me for making his granddaughter, from the bottom of his heart. He ALWAYS had his kids on his mind, and wanted the best for us.

Letting go of him this week, in his physical form, was and is hard. Truly, I will miss him.

Also, at the same time I want for him what I want for anybody: true freedom.

And death is the greatest journey of freedom that we can look forward to. I wanted him to have a simple, gentle and powerful transition to the next world. To feel free to let go of this life, and trust that we are all taken care of, and go on to his next steps.

The way I view it, death is a birth. My daughter was born into the most atmospheric, graceful, peaceful and loving environment I could imagine. My husband helped me create that. I look back on it with such fondness and joy.

And my father-in-law passed into the next world and was birthed into his next life whilst being held by his children who were singing prayers for the ascent of his soul. It was magical. It was holy. And when the story of his passing was shared with me by my husband, it reminded me of my daughter’s birth. So holy. So calm.

My message to you is that the end is the beginning. There is no end, really.

If you want something to change in your life but you're getting stuck in the transition, you might want to address your view on death. {TWEET IT}

Every completion or ending is like a death. And every death is a birth. The door to both is the same door.

While you’re here in this reality, with this beautiful vehicle called your human body, what will you do with your time?

How can you look forward to the end of things, and allow yourself to transition effortlessly through your changes, so that you can experience the miracle of rebirth each day of your life?

How can the lesson of life + death help you in your own life today?

Here’s an exercise to do to pluck the fruit of life for yourself and really get your whole mission by not staying stuck in fear of what’s coming next:

(again, this blog isn’t about physical death, it’s about CHANGE, which the ego often interprets as a death, and does everything it can to keep us stuck so it doesn’t have to face that perceived threat)

  1. What changes are you resisting?
  2. Why? What are you afraid of?
  3. If you could magically let go of that fear, what benefits would you get from moving gracefully through the change?
  4. What choices would you make from this empowered place (if you simply had no fear)?
  5. Make a commitment to yourself now to take action on the choices written in Step 4 (write them down on your calendar on a specific date, and even write down the specific location from which you take each action)
  6. Do it anyway. Just do it.
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In the comments below tell me one action you’re going to take from above! Sharing it out in the open is one of the best forms of accountability! Let us hold your vision with you!

Utmost love,


When you're about to give up on yourself

A personal story from me to help you stay firmly on your path


stay the course.png

Do not waver dear one.

You are meant to BE great.

You were designed by the Creator for great things, be they small acts, or huge changes you effect

Your life-force is vital to the planet

To the collective

and when your heart is service-based, and your intentions spiritually-centered

You will be a catalyst for grass-roots change

Even by your presence

If you simply remember your True Self

and EMBODY that everywhere you go

Your very presence will transform the people around you

Here's a video message of hope


if you've ever considered, or are currently considering, giving up on yourself in some way

Be a strong ship

and stay on course

All my love,


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With utmost love,


Posted on December 7, 2016 .