My Daughter Totally Taught Me This Yesterday.

I'm a mom. And it's schooling me.

My husband is out of town handling his recently-deceased father's estate.

We've been missing him. (my Hubs)

And my daughter has especially. She has this really special and important connection with him.

One which I really honor and cherish, especially because I didn't have a relationship with my biological father, and I still feel really sad about that sometimes.

Since he left town, my daughter stopped sleeping (hello sleep deprivation... ugh!) and I've been trying, racking my brain, to figure out how to help her feel secure and calm about it.

The truth is, I'm not what she needs, I'm giving her all I've got, which sure is a lot because I'm showing up 1000%, and she's still having a hard time.

I got this piece of clarity about it yesterday though, while I was on the massage table with my masseuse, that what she needs from me is what I'M best at, not me trying to be what Daddy is best at.

I laid there and looked at what I cherish so much about my Spiritual Core, and what contributions come naturally to me and even bring me joy to share with others and what I realized was this:

I'm effervescent, and light, and love a good dance party any time, and she needs that joyous energy from me. She needs what makes me feel whole and happy. 

Last night, I threw a dance party for her and I in her bedroom, where she's been feeling all these bad feelings at night. We put dance party music on, she jumped like a wild thing on her bed, I moved my body in ways that made me feel spirited and happy, and creative and silly and free, and she really joined me there. 

We laughed so hard, we smiled so hard, we felt love so BIG in that room last night and we absolutely filled it up with so many good feelings, that when she collapsed into bed after her bath, she went out like a light with the most peaceful look on her face. And slept through the night.

Ah yes.

My message to you today is, what you love about your Core, your true self, your most natural ways of being in the world, is what the world needs from you. You don't have to fill other people's shoes in their absence, or be somebody you're not in order to help.

Whatever lights you up and brings you joy, is what will help bring others 'home' around you.

If you're a parent, in a partnership, contributing in a workplace or community situation, try accessing and using what you love about yourself as a way to serve.

I love dancing. I love moving my body to music. I use it as a way to connect to God. It heals me and it heals those around me if I share it.

Today I'm sharing with you an old Movement Meditation Video I did in 2011, basically doing just that. Sharing my love for the Divine through movement, in the hopes that when you watch it, it will make you feel warm, loved, whole and full of light, just as I felt when I was making it.

Posted on October 13, 2017 .

How to unlock time so you can have more of it for what matters.

Most of us want more time, but most of us end up feeling like we never have enough and no matter how well we schedule ourselves we seem to run out of it at the end of the day or week.

Worst of all, you end up getting less and less time for self-care and white space.

In this video, I share a tool I use after birthing a project, launch, after completing a transition, or birthing the next level of myself into the world: you've gotta have a post-partum care plan for that.

Otherwise, you'll just burn out.

And this tip is all about how to unlock time, so that even if you can't say no to every commitment you have during your 'post-partum care plan,' you can make the most of the down time you do have to replenish and rejuvenate your emotional, spiritual, and physical reserves.

Posted on October 7, 2017 .

The Million Dollar Question That Will Transform You From Being Stuck

I've been working on something special behind the scenes. My Feminine Prosperity Mastermind is jumpin' with transformation, and I thought I could share a quick tip they're using that will help you if you want to Birth Yourself this year.

I'm calling this tip the 'Million Dollar Question' because I notice when we ask this question of ourselves, listen deeply and honestly, and then take action on the answer .... AH-MAZING things can happen:

~ Prosperity and opportunities
~ Deep fulfillment
~ Feminine energy
~ Feeling in alignment with the universe

and so much more. Enjoy!

Posted on September 29, 2017 .