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Manifesting Lessons: How Not to Ruin It

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I have been really edgy all week.

It all started right after I found out that my upcoming brand photoshoot and video shoot were going to get moved up to May (I had to do this because the June dates that were available were right during my PMS which is a no-fly zone for me)

During my first conversation with the photographer I was holding my head in between my hands and stressing.

Clearly my body was telling me that something gnarly was afoot in my head.

What is going on???

I absolutely LOVE embodying my brand and taking a stand for all that I want for YOU to have in life by becoming it on camera so you can have a visual activation.

Why was I so miserable as I made plans for this beloved shoot?

In the past, when I would feel miserable feelings of dread around doing something I would immediately pull out of the project.

Now, feelings like this remind me it’s time to do some investigation.

If you’ve ever come up against a big project or decision and then freaked out, even though you really want it to happen, here’s 2 steps of practical advice for you to follow that helped me this week:

I slowed down and tuned into my body. What is she trying to say?

  1. I had to get really quiet to be sure I was listening to the humble voice of my Spirit as she worked through my senses (remember Intuition speaks 1) First 2) Humbly 3) Once. The Ego is loud, fearful and repetitive. Duh.)

From past experience, I knew that I was hitting a part of my fear-self that was freaking out because I was going to do something super feminine and exciting.

Also, with this shoot,  I’m getting very visible as the new Me that has birthed from the ashes of my previous life (pre-motherhood.)

My ego doesn’t like that. And has tried to convince me that this is a really shitty idea, and that I should really just crawl in a hole for the week and stop responding to my team’s questions and inquiries on how I want this shoot to unfold.

Lol. Silly ego.

2. I really had to go into a moving-meditation (my form of prayer) to allow myself to FEEL the WHOLE Divine timing and energy behind this project.

And I had to do it multiple times a day. Until that feeling was more powerful to me than the fear my ego was trying to serve up.

It’s like pouring clean, pure water into a glass that has mud in it. You gotta keep pouring and pouring the clean stuff in until it just moves out the dirty water and all that’s left is the Pure stuff.

I started to be able to access my good feelings about this shoot again.

From that ONE empowered step (broken into two steps as I outlined above) I was able to keep choosing empowered feelings and thoughts and stay in action on getting things organized for the shoot and collaborating with my dream-team.

“One empowered step leads to the next empowered step, like a snowball effect”

I’m deep in preps for this shoot, and have a phenomenal photographer, a Stylist that makes me feel like i’m floating in grace when I talk to her, and a hair stylist/photog assistant who does energy healing and will help keep me in a deeply feminine, resourced and centered place so I can embody all that I’m here to embody in the camera.


What a humbling week.

I’m currently PMS’ing, sick with a head cold, but feeling sooooo light, clear and connected to Spirit. And I still have a million things to do to prepare for the big shoot, but because of these 2 steps I outlined above, I’m okay. MORE than okay: peaceful.

And I want that for you too! For whatever your big project, next dream or super exciting idea you want to manifest: I hope for you to get into an empowered place.

I want you to listen to the humble voice of your Soul and commune with the Divine to receive your portion of grace, beauty and love. It will FILL YOU UP and help you trust yourself, stay the course, and create something magical. DRAMA FREE.

I’d love to know, what is something you want to create that scares you a little bit? What empowered choice will you make to make it happen in a state of grace and ease? Share on the blog! I’d love to support you.

All my love,


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