How to Get Back in Your Power in 4 Simple Steps (and help others do the same)

I remember when I was pregnant, about 7 months in, and I had just finished puking my guts out for 3 months straight with a bucket next to my head on the futon in the guest room day after day with no relent.

I was in quite a disempowered state. I was barely in my body. Just grateful not to be puking till my ribs hurt!

There was this baby coming out eventually, but I was so far away from understanding that, so far away from breathing deeply, from connecting with her. From planning the birth process.

I was literally in a holding pattern.

Waiting for someone/something to wake me up to the next reality I had to face.

And I tell you if I had not woken up, I would have had that baby in a very painful way.

But at some point, I got REALLY clear that I needed to access mySelf in order to have the birth I wanted. A friend said to me, 'Paith, you need to get grounded about having this baby'.

It was someone I deeply respected, and when she told me that, I knew I was off-course and needed to get back on.

It wasn't easy, but I realized in that moment, that I was the mother. That no one was going to swoop in and do this for me, and that I had to show up for me, and for my daughter right now.

I had to become my own Hero.

I got myself embodied, and from that place, I attracted a ridiculously amazing birth team, and created the most dreamy, graceful, peaceful and natural birth experience for my daughter and I.

I showed up in a way to communicate my needs clearly to folks, empower them with the information on how to show up for me, and educated everyone including myself on how my intuition was guiding me this was meant to flow. It was amazing. And an exercise in being a powerful human.

Let me say this to you now, in case you need a little help getting back on course (now or in future):

You are your own Hero too.

Hands down.

The person you are looking for to help you heal your life is



We project that the person we are looking for is ‘out there’.

That he/she should be a lover/romantic partner/parent or friend who is perfectly there at the moments we need them.

And that they should show up perfectly too.

And when they don’t?

When they try to ‘fix’ us instead of hear us?

When they project their own fears and problems on us instead of help?

Then THEY are the problem we have.

Instead of turning our focus inward toward finding solutions to our own problems,

We instead begin to obsess about how ‘they/he/she’ don’t support us and no one understands us.

And we stay stuck.

So here’s the way out:

Be. your. own. Hero.

Recognize that the Creator left a remnant of Itself right inside your body (your spiritual core is also at your physical core aka your solar plexus or 3rd chakra)

And if you drop in, in a meditative state, you can access the All-Knowing, the All-Loving without anyone’s help.

That's good news!!!!

So here’s how to work it from an embodiment standpoint:

Empathize with yourself. Speak out loud while you are gently breathing and moving your body in a slow and meditative way.

Example: ‘Paith, you are feeling very sad right now about _____. That’s making you feel hopeless and lost. That makes sense. I love you’

Let yourself have a good cry if needed.

Then ask yourself these three questions and speak the answer out loud as you write them down with a pen and paper:

a. What would you like to create for yourself instead?

b. What do you need to do in order to create that?

c. Who’s help do you need and when can you ask them?

This process is also very powerful when done for a friend/loved one. You can show up for them to help them switch on their spiritual core and become the Hero in their own lives too.

Empowerment is the most powerful gift you can give another human, and most especially yourself.

Baha’u’llah quoted in the '7 Valleys': ‘Dost thou reckon thyself a puny form, when within thee the universe is folded?’

All of creation is enfolded within you.

All of the resources that you will ever need are right inside of you right now.

So put down that smartphone, turn off your TV, stop driving, close your email inbox and drop in to your Divine Self and listen.

In this state, Abdu’l-Baha says ‘it is an axiomatic fact that while you meditate you are speaking with your own spirit’.

Many people called Einstein a great thinker. In truth, he himself attested that he was a man of inner vision. He spent much time in meditation in an embodied, breathing, receptive state, and it was in these states that he received his insights about creation and the sciences, like a light beaming into a dark room.

What’s cool is that you and I have this power too.

I’m assuming you are a Human with a Soul, and because of that you are created with the exact potential to realize your own unique purpose here on Earth too, just as Einstein, just as any of the great ones we revere from our past or present.

You are a great one, my dear.

Own that.

And drop into the Creator within you, pose questions, breathe deeply, listen and watch for insights to come to you, and most importantly, act on the insights that you get so you can see what results may come.

Here’s that 4-step process again: (written as if you are doing it for someone else, see above for how to do it for yourself)

  1. Empathy: I see you are feeling upset about, and maybe that’s making you feel____and ______. That makes sense, I understand.
  2. What would you like to create instead/experience instead?
  3. What do you think you need to do to create that?
  4. If there’s a way I can help, what can I do to help you with that?

Put this 4-step process into practice for this next month straight, for yourself and for others, and let me know in the comments below: what happened for you as a result?

All love,


Posted on September 20, 2016 .