4 Myths About Your Purpose (and the truth that will set you free + help you prosper)

We all seem to be built with a longing feeling and a deep desire for MORE in life.

More connection.

More contribution.

More money through our unique gifts, etc.

I bet you have had moments where you felt like... “There’s this next level ME I want to BE and share, but I feel like it is just right outside of my reach.”

Either because of internal fears or external obstacles that seem to keep placing themselves in your path, you feel like you haven’t reached your highest level of Soul-expression yet, and you are aching to become the woman you know in your bones you were designed to be.

In my experience, there are 4 major myths at play here that have kept almost all of us just shy of our mission and purpose getting activated within us, and going out there to fearlessly express our Divine blueprint, making money through our calling, and feeling deeply soul-satisfied.

I’m going to debunk those myths for you, and set you straight with some truth and knowledge that can really set you free.

MYTH #1: It’s YOUR fault you haven’t accessed that last 1% of you you’re aching for.

Most women feel somewhere deep beneath the surface (and powerful women never want to admit it) the feeling of “I’m not enough.” It lingers, it wreaks havoc. And it will usurp energy from your dreams if you let it.

It will stop you from taking healthy risks. It causes you to stay comfortable in your discomfort, and you keep getting the same life results you have always gotten.

In my Feminine Prosperity Model™ we work deeply on accessing all 5 points of your human model, identify limiting beliefs and their origins, and expertly weed them out of your physical and emotional body so you can really get free and start making some powerful things happen in your life.

We also re-frame internal and external pressure/obstacles and help you become a manifesting genius, and a clear channel, a hollow reed for something bigger than you to come down through you. It is really fun.

We also discover Universal Cycle Principles and how they relate to your body, your menstrual cycle, the moon phases, and the phases of life and business. This helps you harness a huge amount of available Universal energy to your benefit. This shizz literally makes you a get-it-done machine, with complete alignment to your Soul so there’s nothing you have to uproot later.

Bottom line: there is NOTHING missing from within you or your Divine design. You are enough.




MYTH #2: You only have 1 purpose in life, and if you miss it, you’re screwed and will be unhappy forever.

Whatever! Nope. Basically nope. Let me tell you, along the course of your life you will discover you have MANY purposes. Your focus on which purpose to express will change. You will get new insights, new downloads, and new information will guide the transformation of your purpose.

There is literally NOTHING to be afraid of here. In fact, if I could give you ONE major insight right now, it is to STOP worrying, START trying things out, and LET yourself have a raucous good time doing it!

The ONLY way to make yourself miserable is to do nothing, stay stuck, and not experiment with your ideas about what your current purpose is and how you want to try to express it.

I want to say, you CAN’T do this wrong.

In the Feminine Prosperity System we unleash TONS of pent-up energy that you have from over-analyzing what you SHOULD be doing, give you a clear road-map, and even a proven system for turning your long-term dreams into short-term reality. Plus TONS of permission and sisterhood support to experiment, have fun and explore life. Otherwise, why are you here, right?

I've been embodying and teaching this system for 5 years now, and learned how to do so much in very little time using feminine energy management practices, click here to access the PDF on how to Avoid the Burnout Cycle using 4 Easy Feminine Strategies. We use them in our Feminine Prosperity Mastermind and it literally changes women's lives! I used these practices to have a $33k launch in 14 days and have tons of energy left over afterward while having a total blast. Click here to get these life-changing and easy-peasy strategies!

MYTH #3 What you need to live on purpose is vague, unclear, and woo-woo.

Another nope. The truth is, given enough support and guidance on how to HEAR your Soul’s communication clearly, you will actually get EXACT, clear steps you can take to carry out your mission and purpose in life.
There’s a process we go through in our Feminine Prosperity Mastermind called “Visioning” in which you are guided to take abstract, feeling-place guidance you get in a special meditative process, and go through a system that transforms your intuitive nudges into grounded, actionable, time-bound, measurable steps you can take. It is so special.

Purpose and mission and birthing your whole true self into the world need not be a woo-woo experience only.

You CAN be a deeply soulful, intuitive person, and ALSO identify a very clear path for yourself, and have the support and encouragement around you to carry it out, stay on course, and watch magic happen in your life.

MYTH #4 You’ll be hit with clarity about your purpose like a lightning strike moment. And if that doesn’t happen, you must not be on-point.

Arrrggghhh! Can we all have a collective sigh of *whatever* for this one? This myth more than any other one can sincerely keep a woman stuck!

It’s similar to the ‘knight in shining armor’ illusion we’ve all bought into at some point in our young life. You know, the one that says somehow this man is going to show up all of a sudden and be every answer to every longing and you will instantly fall in love and get married and live happily ever after.

So many of us have no idea we are holding onto the same mythology with regard to our purpose. We keep WAITING for that lightning strike moment. God coming down from the heavens and in a booming and masculine voice saying, “my dear THIS Is your purpose in life!"

Or, maybe it will come in the mail in a letter, “my dear, THIS Is your purpose in life!"

This is just NOT how it happens.

Purpose and birthing yourself into the world as the WHOLE-TRUE-YOU is a discovery process. It is a gestation and a birth. It is deeply guided from within. It is participatory. It cannot be separated from your own volition to know yourself, to experience yourself, to express yourself.

It is not something that is HANDED to you. It is something you seek after. In the process of that seeking, there is a discovery, and then more discovery, and more, and lots of experimentation.

When a laboring woman actively participates in the labor, working WITH the Universal Birth energy, she can truly have a cosmic experience. If she'd rather be rescued, or give her power to others, she will lose out on the opportunity to experience her Soul’s expression.

Your Soul’s expression has EVERYTHING to do with your purpose, and you and you alone can access the WILL to find out about it. Working with your feminine energy, instead of against, is truly key to bringing your purpose into form in the world.

Learn all about that in this free download. It's a simple 4-step system you can quickly integrate into your life!



Posted on August 7, 2017 .