'The Embody More Method' Clients

"I was able to transform so many beliefs about myself over time!"

There were many things that impacted me about Paith’s coaching. The biggest of them was moving past my visibility issues. Before working with her I was hiding behind a persona that was not even 1/10th the full expression of who I am now. I was able to transform so many beliefs I had about myself over time! Her “style” of moving past energy blocks is singularly unique that I have not experienced anywhere else. Most of all it was the way that she was able to be loving and challenging when she needed to be to get amazing results in me. Thanks to Paith and her work I am now expanding into new levels with my Vibrant Lifestyle brand and I’m being recognized more and more in the marketplace as the success coach that I am.
~ Sazzu Hope, Success Coach www.sazzuhope.com

"She shared tips that I would've never known without her expertise!"

Paith takes you through an alchemical process to help you release any fear or resistance you might have about shining brightly. I am all about helping women step into the brightest version of themselves, so I appreciate when I see someone who is really skilled at this. She has a massive treasure chest of effective tools to work with. This is deep and powerful work, and she creates a safe and beautiful vessel to do it in. Working with her was a true blessing, it was freaking magical, it was serious medicine. Paith is a rare gem! She is a profoundly intuitive, intelligent, fun and kind person ...the kind of person you rarely come across, and when you do, you take notice, and want to be around her. With that said, if you are considering working with Paith, do yourself a favor, and jump off the fence and dive in - it’ll be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself.
~Leana Levinsohn

"I had the most beautiful and transformative session!"

I had the most beautiful and transformative session with the one and only Ms. Paith MacQueen, Embody More mentor and video brand strategist extraordinaire! I chose to work with Paith because I naturally felt a comfort, feminine ease and passion with her. I felt like she saw me in my highest and best, which I couldn’t fully see yet. I remember from the beginning of our work together, I felt beautiful, treasured and like a Goddess just in our conversations and the energy she set. I remember immediately feeling a sense of power, aliveness and confidence in embodying my message. Paith is one of the most feminine coaches I have worked with. She is embodied and coaches from a place of deep softness and grace, while also challenging you to go past your comfort zone, to speak your truth and be the feminine leader you are meant to be. With her support, I was able to create an amazing, deep and truly authentic video series as I traveled through India, one of which has gotten over 50 thousand views!
~ Reena Desai, Feminine Coach & Mentor www.reenadesai.com

'The Luminescent Leader' Clients

"People are really seeing me!"

I knew I wasn’t bringing my full self to the party (without my Luminescent makeup on for my brand) and I knew I wanted to show up in a bigger way. Makeup is something I was always afraid of because I was afraid it was going to cover me up, and as the Clear Skin Diva that is the last thing I want. But what I realized is how much it accentuated me, and it really did bring more of me out. I didn’t expect that, and the confidence that came with that. People are really seeing me, and seeing that I am my brand, and it is all just coming together. Luminescent is a really perfect word for that, I just feel like I’m glowing, and it’s not just from what’s on my skin, it’s coming from the inside out.
~ Jennifer Nassi, Body & Soul Clarity Coach www.jennifernassi.com
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"Makeup is quite sacred and Paith really holds this sweet, beautiful space for you!"

I don’t think I had worn makeup in like twenty years...and I was kinda scared! I invested in some time with Paith and it was unbelievable, it was really life-changing. I think I was even brought to tears a few times because makeup is quite sacred and Paith really holds this sweet, beautiful space for you. But then she also gives you real nuts & bolts. She showed me how to do my makeup myself so I can do it over and over and over again. Now I’ve invested quite a lot of money in having professional hair and makeup people do my makeup for me, and now I can keep doing it for myself.
~ Christina Morassi, Your Ecstatic Brand Mentor www.christinamorassi.com

"We unleashed who I really am!"

Before working with Paith, I wasn’t really a makeup girl. And anytime I did makeup I just did a little bit of eyeliner and lipstick and was afraid of putting chemicals on my face. So I just spent two hours with Paith and had a blast. I now have all these new makeup tools, and my makeup fears are pretty much gone out the window. I love how she blends not just makeup tools and techniques but we worked through some deep inner stuff too and we unleashed who I really am!
~ Jess Webb, Web Marketing Goddess www.jessewebb.co

"It just transformed how I feel about myself!"

I want to highly recommend Paith MacQueen, she is the most fabulous, Luminescent coach. I needed to uplevel my look so I could meet people and help them come along on their personal journey. I had never really worn makeup my entire life maybe a little mascara and lipstick. And I had the opportunity to work with Paith in the Sacred Art of Makeup. It’s just transformed how I feel about myself and how I am able to move out and further my business and career.
~ Bethany Perry, Holistic Health Coach www.bethany-perry.com

"Paith showed me how to put makeup on like I've never put it on before!"

Paith showed me how to put makeup on like I’ve never put it on before. If you haven’t gotten on the Paith bandwagon you better do so right now because this woman knows hers s$%t!
~ Heather Jernigan, Private Launch Coach www.heatherjernigan.com

"I learned so many great tips, I am just blown away!"

I just finished Paith’s makeup artistry transformation session, and it was so good that I just had to jump on the camera right in the moment and share the experience with you! It’s two days of the most unique experience, and I was transformed, really I was transformed the first day! The first day is for clearing out any issues you may have that are limiting you or blocking you, and she does it with such grace and skill. That is the foundation that preps you for the second day which is a day of makeup where she takes you through this process of teaching you how to be an artist and heightens your level of skill for makeup in front of the camera. And I learned so many great tips, I’m just blown away! It makes you want to get in front of the camera more. You feel more feminine, she heightens your awareness of your beauty. It’s almost like this spiritual celebration of your femininity and just a beautiful experience. I’m so grateful to Paith, and I’m so glad I said yes. I hope you do too, if you’re on the fence with this, gift yourself and check it out, because it’s incredible!
~ Sybil Henry, The Style Concierge, Love the Way You Look Over 40 www.thestyleconcierge.com
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"When I looked in the mirror I really saw myself!"

Part of what is really important to me being a coach is having the coaches that I need in my life to help me move forward and get me to where I want to go. When I was in Hollywood I met this woman named Paith MacQueen and she is amazing. Today I had a session with her about the Sacred Art of Makeup, we did the makeup and then we did some movement with our bodies and got into our bodies and at the end she had me hold up this mirror. I couldn’t believe what I saw, I was like “oh my gosh, that’s really me!”. It brought me back to last April when I had this boudoir photoshoot and I was all made up, like to the nines made-up and I was like, “there is NO way that is you”. But today when I looked in the mirror I really saw myself.
~ Melissa Frederick, Body Empowerment Photographer www.melissafrederick.com

"The experience was illuminating!"

I invested in some time with Paith MacQueen because I had a really f’ed up makeup story. As a young girl I definitely hid my femininity, I didn’t feel safe being feminine, I hid during puberty, I never learned how to put on makeup. There were some wounds and some fear around my femininity and around being a woman and being seen and being beautiful because I was afraid I would be womanized, be just an object for men and I avoided that at all cost. Now in my 30’s I decided I need to step into the Luminescent Leader I was born to be, so I needed to uplevel my makeup so I could really communicate to the hearts of my ideal clients. I took the leap to work with Paith and the experience was illuminating! I highly recommend working with Paith.
~ Amanda Moxley, Healthy Wealthy Biz Mentor www.amandamoxley.com

"She's not changing you, it's embracing and uncovering who you really are, your true beauty!"

I just had a session with Paith, and I just have to say it was such a magical experience. From the first minute I talked to her to until we finished our makeup session it was just pure comfort and enjoyment and also a whole shift in perspective. I just really gained some more confidence and discovered how we can look at body image in a way that supports who we truly are. I’m so grateful, she holds a really sacred container that allows you to unfold and breathe and be whoever you are. She’s not changing you or anything like that, it’s embracing and uncovering who you really are, your true beauty, your gifts and it just feels so good.
~Zsuzsi Hussla, www.endpmsnow.com