Heal the connection between femininity and prosperity in your own body

Come back to your body and trust the feminine within you after stress, trauma, pregnancy & birthing, illness, depression, betrayal and much more.

Move forward in your femininity along your journey, expressing wholeness, trust and peace.

Attract to you the resources, people & places needed for you to prosper again, at your next level.

Experience profound love for yourself and overflow that Love in all your thoughts, words, actions & deeds.

So that you are embodying radical love, femininity, gratitude & prosperity in all your circles, expressions, creations & offerings in the world.

BE happy, safe & joyous in your body again, EMBRACE the Feminine within you & trust It’s power.

So you CREATE the world of magic your 5 year old self always knew was possible for you.

Reignite your dreams and know that nothing is lost.

Then live in your Divine Blueprint and find truths that can set you free.

It IS possible to live in this era of changes and choices without fear, and to navigate humanity’s maturation process with zeal, trust, peace & wealth as you express your Divine Gifts.

This space is dedicated to giving you the tools

to make this happen.

And it starts in your body

with me as your Consultant for the Feminine.

Now, Beautiful One, what do you desire to BE?

How can I assist you to be prosperous, feminine, & free?

Private Coaching

Dive deep into programs using my proven method to help you come back to your body and trust the feminine within you.


Free, actionable, and grounded tips to assist you to shift into your feminine now.


Online free webinars and live events amongst incredible women like you.


What if everyone knew what their post of honor was on the planet?


Paith and the Embody More Method™

Prosperity is an expression of wholeness, wellness, peace, financial abundance, creativity, fearless love and so much more. Women are ready to claim this prosperity for themselves all over the world, and it starts in their own body.

A woman’s body goes through so many passages in life: loss, trauma, betrayal, pregnancy & birthing, loads of stress. And with all these passages, we are often disempowered in the feminine, resulting in us mistrusting our body, judging ourselves, staying stuck and running on empty in masculine-mode.

I’m here to identify where the feminine within you needs support, in the context of what specifically happened to you, and within the context of this era we are living in so you can truly leap to your next level quickly.

Working together, you move forward on your journey feeling empowered & centered, with heightened spiritual perception and deeply valuing yourself in a way that naturally calls in the support you need to express your next level in life and set excellent boundaries with those that don’t lift you up.

I developed a cellular repatterning process I call the Embody More Method which I apply in my virtual and in-person consulting spaces with women all over the world. In this method, I am able to address layers of trauma & stress that have zapped your energies and move them out of your system in a very short time. Over my longer coaching packages, I hold my clients as they adapt to being free from trauma, making more life-affirming choices for themselves and addressing self-sabotage patterns in real time so they don’t slide back into old patterns of negative thought and choice.

When I was a little girl I always noticed I could ‘hear’ people’s thoughts, and ‘read’ their bodies and where they were holding stress, fear and trauma. It was natural for me, so I didn’t understand that this gift wasn’t something everyone had.

When I started teaching yoga in 2004 and taking private clients, my students consistently asked how I had ‘magically’ healed them by my words and touch. I have some of what we call ‘medical intuition’ in this current healing culture, and can just ‘see’ where a woman is holding disempowerment, trauma & stress of the feminine in her body and ‘know’ just how to help her move that out and move on.

I’d say I am a catalyst for feminine embodiment: people’s lives radically change for the better when they meet me, as that is my Post of Honor on the planet and the way I am designed by the Creator to serve others.

Since 2008 I have been a Consultant for the Feminine serving women all over the world, from entrepreneurs to pregnant & postpartum women, and women like YOU who are ready to come home to your body and to the feminine and require a masterful coach.

I apply my gifts in bespoke feminine consulting packages, as well as packages focused on Empowered Birth, Beyond Postpartum, Unlocking your Core Genius, Becoming Luminescent on Video for entrepreneurs and more.

The thread through ALL of my work is finding where the feminine within you needs support, and helping you back into your body in an empowered way so you can CREATE your life from the magic of your confident, enthusiastic, trusting and creative 5 year old self again (or for the first time).

Here's my professional Bio:

Paith MacQueen is the EmbodyMore™ Mentor for Women who are ready to become true Points of Prosperity.

She is much more than just a coach, she is a Consultant for the Feminine.

Using her signature Embody More Method™, Paith helps women unlock their gifts, come back to their bodies, heal the feminine within them, resolve trauma, heal from stress issues and manifest their highest creativity on the planet to create what is most lucrative and joyful for them. With a background in the healing arts, performing arts, yoga arts, makeup arts and as an expert in organic organization, Paith also helps women to organize their offerings around their highest missions and reframe their business models to answer their soul's calling. She consults women across the globe in her Zoom sessions and created signature programs such as "The Luminescent Leader in Video", "Feminine Prosperity Mastery" and "Birth of a Woman - Beyond Postpartum".

Paith's clients start to radiate spiritual beauty that magnetizes all that they desire be it wealth, creative partnerships and resources and energy to assist them to attend to their mission. They very often double and triple their income, make career changes, partnership changes, but most importantly, become Queens who stand in their beauty and their power at the same time while serving the world passionately. She currently serves helping ambitious women (meaning YOU are ready to experience your HIGHEST HEALING NOW) to embody all of the Feminine Prosperity Types™ on the Feminine Prosperity Model™ in balance so they can step out onto the playing field of life on a whole new level to become their most longed-for Self.

My mission: "I take a stand for women to become Visionary Points of Prosperity who bring peace and balance to our world by being empowered, prosperous and spiritually centered leaders."

Back to YOU: I serve women from a spectrum of emerging leaders and mamas on a mission all the way to very successful executives and CEO’s.

What ALL my clients have in common is that you have been through a rodeo or two of self-work, self-healing, retreats & workshops to address your Core Lore, and you are seeking a VERY HIGH LEVEL of profound consulting to address your feminine wounding.

For my entrepreneurial clients: you know your purpose already and need a little redirecting so you can get your WHOLE mission and work in a feminine way that is still lucrative and effective. Those who are well-established in their business (aka have a following, a list that is responsive, a tribe that they serve) work with me because they feel there is more they desire to access on that path, be it more wealth, more soul-satisfaction in their work, more energy, more joy, more creativity. What all my clients have in common is there is something more they want to BE. This is often something they feel as an ache within for that MORE that they want. It is sometimes an ambiguous aching feeling of "I want more!", and it is sometimes a very clear message of, "I need to make more money doing what I love!" or "I need to find a way to make my work joyful again!" or "I need to access and express more creativity in my work!". I see this as an ACHE to get their WHOLE mission in life, and dispel any fragmented thinking that is preventing them from doing so. I specialize in this.

My proven body-centered coaching method is now called Embody More™, and it is dedicated to helping You embody your more in life, your femininity and your power at the same time.

I believe we all can have more, be more, and prosper more and that it is our birthright and a part of our Divine design to do so. The more that you adhere to your Divine Blueprint the easier this happens. I'm here to serve you and accompany you to do this and to become a Point of Prosperity, awaken your gifts, and embody your Soul's desires.

I believe that when you know what your True Self is calling you toward, your desires are HOLY and will help heal the world in turn. This is not selfish, how could it be? Beautiful One, I want to hear YOUR story now, guide you to your inner knowing, and assist you to take consistent, conscious action to become a prosperous fount of good for yourself, your family and humanity. Let's connect if I can be of assistance.

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