Heal the connection between femininity and prosperity in your own body

This space is dedicated to the one and only YOU.

And to you becoming a Point of Prosperity

For Yourself, your loved ones, and community

By Knowing Your Purpose

Embodying yourself and Unlocking your Gifts

Cultivating the active Feminine in you

Learning to use your body as the Vehicle for your Destiny

Living Prosperous, Feminine and Free

Creating Gracefully

Being in profound relationship with the Creator

and serving Passionately with your gifts

To be a Fount of Good for humanity

This space is dedicated to giving you the tools

to make this happen

with me as your Embody MORE Mentor.

Now, Beautiful One, what do you desire to BE?


How can I assist you to be prosperous, feminine, & free?

Private Coaching

Dive deep into programs using my proven method to help you unlock your gifts and prosper


Free, actionable, and grounded tips to assist you to shift into your next level now


Online free webinars and live events amongst incredible women like you


What if everyone knew what their post of honor was on the planet?


Paith and the Embody More Method™

I'm Paith MacQeen. I take a stand for you to be in your femininity and your power at the same time and prosper in your calling, however that looks for YOU. And I mean really prosper, not just have a hobby purpose that brings you spiritual contentment, not just get by, but thrive.

A bit about me: I grew up feeling really, really ugly, and I didn't learn to really love myself until 5 years ago. Inspired by the following extract from the Baha'i sacred writings, "Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee, get thou from it thy radiance" I finally learned to switch on my radiance, unlock my gifts, and become a Point of Prosperity intensively serving dozens of private clients a year.

My background is diverse having worked as a Healer, Yoga Teacher, and Private Retreat Leader, a Transformational Coach and a Makeup Artist helping reflecting women's true essence back to them. During my movement and healing classes, students would come to me and explain how my presence, words, and touch had miraculously healed them of long-standing injuries, pain, and emotional blockages, and in turn they were shifting into new levels of joy and fulfillment in their lives.

I’ve come to recognize that I am gifted at intuitively seeing women’s God-given gifts, assisting them to Embody their Genius, and shift into the next level of life, business, love, and creativity.  My community called me forth to focus my healing gifts on helping switch women on so that they can prosper.

Here's my professional Bio:

Paith MacQueen is the EmbodyMore™ Mentor for Women who are ready to become true Points of Prosperity.

She is much more than just a business coach.

Using her signature Embody More Method™, Paith helps women unlock their gifts, resolve visibility issues and manifest their calling on the planet to create what is most lucrative and joyful for them. With a background in the healing arts, performing arts, yoga arts, makeup arts and as an expert in organic organization, Paith also helps women to organize their offerings around their highest missions and reframe their business models to answer their soul's calling. She created signature programs such as "The Luminescent Leader in Video", "Feminine Prosperity Mastery" and "The Queen Mastermind".

Paith's clients double and triple their income, sell-out their programs, but most importantly, become Wild Queen CEO's who stand in their beauty and their power at the same time while serving the world passionately. She currently serves helping Leaders, CEO's and successful Business Women to embody all of the Feminine Prosperity Types™ on the Feminine Prosperity Model™ in balance so they can step out onto the playing field of life on a whole new level to become their most longed-for Self.

My mission: "I take a stand for women to become Visionary Points of Prosperity who bring peace and balance to our world by being empowered, prosperous and spiritually centered leaders."

Back to YOU: I serve women from a spectrum of emerging leaders and mamas on a mission all the way to very established business owners. My clients tend to know their purpose already and need a little redirecting so they can get their WHOLE mission. Those who are well-established in their business (aka have a following, a list that is responsive, a tribe that they serve) work with me because they feel there is more they desire to access on that path, be it more wealth, more soul-satisfaction in their work, more energy, more joy, more creativity. What all my clients have in common is there is something more they want to BE. This is often something they feel as an ache within for that MORE that they want. It is sometimes an ambiguous aching feeling of "I want more!", and it is sometimes a very clear message of, "I need to make more money doing what I love!" or "I need to find a way to make my work joyful again!" or "I need to access and express more creativity in my work!". I see this as an ACHE to get their WHOLE mission in life, and dispel any fragmented thinking that is preventing them from doing so. I specialize in this.

My proven body-centered coaching method is now called Embody More™, and it is dedicated to helping You embody your more in life.

I believe we all can have more, be more, and prosper more and that it is our birthright and a part of our Divine design to do so. The more that you adhere to your Divine Blueprint the easier this happens. I'm here to serve you and accompany you to do this and to become a Point of Prosperity, awaken your gifts, and embody your Soul's desires.

I believe that when you know what your True Self is calling you toward, your desires are HOLY and will help heal the world in turn. This is not selfish, how could it be? Beautiful One, I want to hear YOUR story now, guide you to your inner knowing, and assist you to take consistent, conscious action to become a prosperous fount of good for yourself, your family and humanity. Let's connect if I can be of assistance.

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