Your Exclusive Invitation to Create your Most Soul-satisfying Life NOW

Luminescent Leader Launch:

Take the brakes off your manifesting power and download your divine design so you can serve at your highest level through your creative business and prosper in every department of life.


Luminescent Leader Launch is a 3 month private mentorship where you will re-pattern your body, mind and spirit for success, move the inner roadblocks stopping you from doing your most soul-satisfying work, and identify your core genius so you unlock your financial power once and for all.

When you show up fully as a luminescent leader you really are, you can expect to create new successful strategies for 2x your income and have the energy, enthusiasm and focus to see it through. You will also see miracles in ALL departments of life: greater confidence, deeper intimacy in your love, increased magnetism and being a clear channel for the Universe to work THROUGH you.

Step 1: Full Overview

Watch the video for the full overview of what this program is about, who it’s for, what you get and the results you can expect.

Step 2: Who this program is FOR

Luminescent Leader Launch is for creative women business owners, advanced healers, transformational practitioners, coaches, teachers who have done the ‘inner work’ to not only create a private practice or business based on their gifts, but also to be a woman of INCREDIBLE personal integrity and follow-through.

You are a woman who feels sooooo close to where you want to be in life, business and love, but you feel ‘something’ stopping you from really hitting your ultimate level. And this ‘something’ seems to be just outside of your reach, and you know that because everytime you reach for it, something stops you, and you experience sabotage (you get sick, someone else takes you down, some unforseen life event happens and gets in the way…)

This is for the transformational change-agents who are ready to UNBLOCK themselves finally, and launch into their highest level of epic service and success being WHO THEY ARE at a soul-level, so they never have to feel like they sell out to be successful.

It is definitely for you if you want to find out JUST HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE and UNLEASH a TON of blocked energy in your system and direct it with laser-precision at your next-level goals.

Here are some criteria you MUST meet in order to be a good fit for this program:

  • You have an established creative business, service-based practice or business in the transformation industry

  • If not, you are ready to create a business based on your soul-work THIS YEAR and make the leap from working for others to working for yourself

  • You have incredible integrity and take 100% responsibility for the results you want to get

  • You follow-through without excuses, and stay in communication when you’re needing help

  • You’re tired of seeing women you admire keep hitting their next level of success with seeming ease, and KNOW this is YOUR year to do YOUR THING at the top of your industry and become a manifesting GENIUS

  • You value accountability to your goals and value investing in that support

  • You KNOW you have personal and inherited trauma in your system that you need to move out in order to live your most free, fulfilled and fun life

  • You’ve been to therapy or a coaching process that has helped you unearth a TON of your personal ISH so you’re well on your way in terms of personal development, this isn’t new to you, you just need that final SPRINGBOARD of soul-clarity about WHO you are and WHAT you’re here for to clear the dust of the wrong messages you got during childhood about yourself

Step 3: How We Roll and What You Get

Luminescent Leader Launch:

Awaken your Core Brilliance, Move Out What Stops You and Finally Take Your Place at Your Post of Honor on the Planet So You Can Prosper at Your Next Level This Year!

Clear your cellular and inherited trauma to become a CHANNEL for the Universe to work through you at your highest level and blow the LID OFF your manifesting power with money, success, love and so much more.


Luminescent Leader Launch in a 2-Day VIP Live Immersion Experience with 3 months of virtual coaching to finally get that last 1% of your powerhouse energy accessed, unlocked and unleashed on your life and on the world. This is about women becoming their most longed-for-self, and really stepping into who they were born to be as they create lives and businesses that transform the planet AND make them incredible money.

This is NOT business coaching (unless you sign up for the Get Paid Well for Your Soul-Work Upgrade) this is a tangible transformational healing and coaching experience whereby you will heal that internal ish that has been stopping you since childhood again and again at each new level you hit.

This is about empowering the empowerer, meaning YOU. And who’s empowering you? Myself, Paith MacQueen, the creator of the Embody More Method™ and master coach to business women world-wide and Daniel Gruszynski, the creator of True Prosperity Activation and master healer and coach to women world-wide. Together we take YOU to your NEXT LEVEL in record time. We are like yin and yang package of master-level transformational facilitation of YOUR highest level.

You will:

  • Remove the CONDITIONING in your brain and body keeping you in your place just below your best life

  • Literally reprogram your cells to ACCEPT a new brain program that will attract rather than repel the fulfillment of your soul-longings and creative and financial desires

  • Turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP on your ability to RECEIVE what you really want (so you don’t end up sabotaging it when your dreams start coming true!)


You’ll come to beautiful Colorado for two VIP days with us where you’ll:

  • Receive the full True Prosperity Life Activation™ Protocol with Daniel to clear ancestral trauma, balance your body systems and fill you with as much light and energy as you can carry (major energy and clarity infusion!)

  • Learn about your strengths, God-given gifts, your natural goddess power and specific, tailored practices for protecting and maintaining your energy as an empath and highly sensitive person

  • Clear out and overcome the blocks that are sitting directly in your blindspots, once and for all

  • Be seen, heard and loved for the soul you are!

  • Embark on a creative vision-making process with Paith in which you will form (in the highly intuitive, movement-based Embody More™ method) and craft your vision for your next year, as well as your next 5 years as well as learn a potent manifesting process you can do to bring these goals into fruition VERY fast (and have your body-system embrace the new good rather than fight it). Included is Intuitive Goal Mastery™ in which I will teach you how to place goals into actionable steps (we'll form a 90 day plan together) that you carry out over time to guarantee you get the results you want and arrive at your precious goals on time!

Following that, you will have 3 x Monthly Coaching Sessions with Daniel and Paith via Zoom, in each session you will:

  • Review assignments and accomplishments as well as obstacles from each month prior and receive love, accountability and gentle, master coaching and guidance to keep making those subtle, yet powerful adjustments to your choices and actions to keep creating the reality you desire--right on time!


  • FINALLY get past that nagging sabotage pattern that has been blocking you all your life and keeps showing up at your most pivotal moments of intended success to take you down!

  • Access your intuitive superpowers on a whole.nuther.level and get the inner permission to use them ALL THE TIME

  • Become a Manifesting Super Goddess in all areas of life: money, love, business, confidence, tribe, and draw in all the resources you could ever want or need to carry out your mission in life

  • Unleash INCREDIBLE amounts of buried creativity that can carry your business, your brand, your platform, your art to the next level and naturally create more success for yourself THIS YEAR

  • STOP putting up with people’s ISH once and for all (you’ll be clear of the imprint of the people-pleaser, the woman who confuses love with pity, and the archetype of the slave who lives on in most women until we CLEAR it)

  • Become the Queen who OWNS IT unapologetically, who has amazing boundaries and is still benevolent and kind (bam!)

  • Make 2019 YOUR YEAR OF BRILLIANCE and unstoppable-ness


  • How to NOT get drained as an empath or highly-sensitive person

  • How to go INTO VISION beyond time and space to see the path you’re on and KNOW what’s happening next, so you can make laser tweaks to your daily actions and choices on your way to your POWERFUL GOALS

  • The Embody More Method™ - how to use this body-centered method as a daily tool to keep your energy balanced, your focus on-point and your life an expression of your AUTHENTIC self

  • Intuitive Goal Mastery™ for turning your long-term dreams into short-term reality (think: your 5 year goal manifests before your eyes in 2019!)

  • A reading with specific strategies TAILORED to your business and life to 2x your income without spending any extra time in your business or work per week (this is all about accessing power vs force).


  • 2 Private VIP Days in Beautiful Colorado with Paith and Daniel, focused on YOU and your transformation ($12,000 value)

  • 3 Private Zoom Master Coaching Sessions ($3,000 value)

  • Being loved, seen, heard and EMPOWERED as the soul you CAME TO BE (Priceless)

    Total Immediate Value:


    Potential Return on Investment over Time:

    Easily 6 figures++ of increased income over the next 1-3 years depending on your implementation of the guidance you receive, plus incredible confidence, and super-level manifesting to create the Queen of Everything life (love, creativity, contribution and service, recognition etc.) that you want on YOUR terms FINALLY.


    Revealed in the video above


After watching the video and reviewing this page in detail, reply to let me know if it’s a YES or if you still have questions. To reply, send me a PM on Facebook (preferred – username “paithmacqueen”), or via email (

If it’s a yes, I’ll send you a brief application, where you’ll let me know WHY you are called, WHY now, along with a couple of questions that will give me a very good idea of whether you can have success in this program. You will only be accepted if I am 100% confident that you can be successful.


If your application meets the requirements for success, we’ll have a brief conversation (no more than 15 minutes), to confirm your acceptance and to process your enrollment. I can also answer whatever questions you have left, if any. By requesting this information, you’ve taken an important step to claim this life changing outcome for yourself – woo hoo! There is nothing quite like launching yourself in Luminescent Leader Launch, and becoming the Manifesting Queen Leader of your most soul-satisfying life. If you’re truly ready to embody YOUR Luminescent Leader and receive at levels greater than ever before, then watch the above video NOW (if you haven’t already) and reply to me now for your application.

There are only 5 spots in this program at the current investment before the prices go up on January 1st of 2019. Get your application in now if this calls you.

Utmost love,

Paith and Daniel

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