How to Get Back in Your Power in 4 Simple Steps (and help others do the same)

I remember when I was pregnant, about 7 months in, and I had just finished puking my guts out for 3 months straight with a bucket next to my head on the futon in the guest room day after day with no relent.

I was in quite a disempowered state. I was barely in my body. Just grateful not to be puking till my ribs hurt!

There was this baby coming out eventually, but I was so far away from understanding that, so far away from breathing deeply, from connecting with her. From planning the birth process.

I was literally in a holding pattern.

Waiting for someone/something to wake me up to the next reality I had to face.

And I tell you if I had not woken up, I would have had that baby in a very painful way.

But at some point, I got REALLY clear that I needed to access mySelf in order to have the birth I wanted. A friend said to me, 'Paith, you need to get grounded about having this baby'.

It was someone I deeply respected, and when she told me that, I knew I was off-course and needed to get back on.

It wasn't easy, but I realized in that moment, that I was the mother. That no one was going to swoop in and do this for me, and that I had to show up for me, and for my daughter right now.

I had to become my own Hero.

I got myself embodied, and from that place, I attracted a ridiculously amazing birth team, and created the most dreamy, graceful, peaceful and natural birth experience for my daughter and I.

I showed up in a way to communicate my needs clearly to folks, empower them with the information on how to show up for me, and educated everyone including myself on how my intuition was guiding me this was meant to flow. It was amazing. And an exercise in being a powerful human.

Let me say this to you now, in case you need a little help getting back on course (now or in future):

You are your own Hero too.

Hands down.

The person you are looking for to help you heal your life is



We project that the person we are looking for is ‘out there’.

That he/she should be a lover/romantic partner/parent or friend who is perfectly there at the moments we need them.

And that they should show up perfectly too.

And when they don’t?

When they try to ‘fix’ us instead of hear us?

When they project their own fears and problems on us instead of help?

Then THEY are the problem we have.

Instead of turning our focus inward toward finding solutions to our own problems,

We instead begin to obsess about how ‘they/he/she’ don’t support us and no one understands us.

And we stay stuck.

So here’s the way out:

Be. your. own. Hero.

Recognize that the Creator left a remnant of Itself right inside your body (your spiritual core is also at your physical core aka your solar plexus or 3rd chakra)

And if you drop in, in a meditative state, you can access the All-Knowing, the All-Loving without anyone’s help.

That's good news!!!!

So here’s how to work it from an embodiment standpoint:

Empathize with yourself. Speak out loud while you are gently breathing and moving your body in a slow and meditative way.

Example: ‘Paith, you are feeling very sad right now about _____. That’s making you feel hopeless and lost. That makes sense. I love you’

Let yourself have a good cry if needed.

Then ask yourself these three questions and speak the answer out loud as you write them down with a pen and paper:

a. What would you like to create for yourself instead?

b. What do you need to do in order to create that?

c. Who’s help do you need and when can you ask them?

This process is also very powerful when done for a friend/loved one. You can show up for them to help them switch on their spiritual core and become the Hero in their own lives too.

Empowerment is the most powerful gift you can give another human, and most especially yourself.

Baha’u’llah quoted in the '7 Valleys': ‘Dost thou reckon thyself a puny form, when within thee the universe is folded?’

All of creation is enfolded within you.

All of the resources that you will ever need are right inside of you right now.

So put down that smartphone, turn off your TV, stop driving, close your email inbox and drop in to your Divine Self and listen.

In this state, Abdu’l-Baha says ‘it is an axiomatic fact that while you meditate you are speaking with your own spirit’.

Many people called Einstein a great thinker. In truth, he himself attested that he was a man of inner vision. He spent much time in meditation in an embodied, breathing, receptive state, and it was in these states that he received his insights about creation and the sciences, like a light beaming into a dark room.

What’s cool is that you and I have this power too.

I’m assuming you are a Human with a Soul, and because of that you are created with the exact potential to realize your own unique purpose here on Earth too, just as Einstein, just as any of the great ones we revere from our past or present.

You are a great one, my dear.

Own that.

And drop into the Creator within you, pose questions, breathe deeply, listen and watch for insights to come to you, and most importantly, act on the insights that you get so you can see what results may come.

Here’s that 4-step process again: (written as if you are doing it for someone else, see above for how to do it for yourself)

  1. Empathy: I see you are feeling upset about, and maybe that’s making you feel____and ______. That makes sense, I understand.
  2. What would you like to create instead/experience instead?
  3. What do you think you need to do to create that?
  4. If there’s a way I can help, what can I do to help you with that?

Put this 4-step process into practice for this next month straight, for yourself and for others, and let me know in the comments below: what happened for you as a result?

All love,


Posted on September 20, 2016 .

A Pull From Love (aka How to Tune Up Your Inner Guidance System)

 Love is an opening you choose to create in your own body

Love is an opening you choose to create in your own body

You know that feeling when you’re stuck, like really stuck between obligation and what lifts you up?

I’ve spent most of my life there.

I had such negative outcomes in my life from not listening to my heart on things.

I would get incredibly stuck in the decision-making process, literally sitting on choices for hours, days, weeks, and years.

And when I would make a choice it was ultimately from the ‘good girl’ place in me.

The place that believes that if I do what I think is ‘good’ versus what I feel is right for my heart, body and soul, that somehow I’ll be loved more.

Especially by my Creator.

Call it the catholic good-girl-guilt syndrome

(I didn’t grow up catholic but my mom did and this concept is pervasive in our society and in the collective unconscious. I think we all suffer from it to some degree…)

When I don’t listen to my heart this is what happens:

I drudge through my choice.

It drains me.

It wears on me.

I feel a slight tinge of fake-awesomeness when my ego makes me believe that I’m being a ‘good girl’ and I’m going to get love for this (either from others or from God or both)

I hate it. Every second of it.

But I bury it.

And my body cries out (in the form of pain, misalignment, dis-ease, etc..)

I bury those feelings too and keep on moving, pushing to get it done, whatever it is.

I pay the ultimate price: disembodiment and disconnection.

And I have no idea where love is anymore in myself or my body.

And I start to treat others the way I am treating myself: with a lack of mercy and compassion.

‘You should push yourself too!’

If I don’t treat others like shit, I simply turn that in on myself in a cloaked-self hatred, i.e. self-imposed martyrdom.

And NOBODY wants to be connected to a resentful martyr.

Hence the feeling of unending, soul-shattering disconnection.

And around goes the wash and spin cycle as yet another decision comes around to be made

And ultimately (until I break the cycle) I make another choice from a place of fear instead of a place of love.

Here are some insights about Love:

Love Pulls you toward it.

Love bends time (ever heard of Einstein’s theory of relativity?)

Love feels good. (oh yeah, + it can ache when you feel far from your beloved)

Love isn’t just for lovers.

Love is the "vital bond inherent"*

"Love is the secret"*

Love is the cry of the Universe for you to move toward it, toward connection, toward Truth, toward YOU.

You are the outpouring of Love from your Creator.

Your Creator loved you into Being.

And to feel connected you must feel that love filling you up….but if you cut off the ways, i.e. the road from the head down to the heart…that nourishing Love cannot reach you.

“Love Me that I may love thee, if thou lovest Me not, My love can in no wise reach thee”*

The greatest prison is the prison of the ego, that two inches of space between your brows. If you live up there, you’ll ALWAYS make choices from obligation and secretly hate yourself, your life, your choices, and be jealous of and angry toward others who aren’t putting themselves through self-torture as well.

What is the answer?

After my big divorce/bankruptcy/self-hatred fiasco-of-a-past life, I learned a few things (because I wasn't having any of that again) and here they are:

  • SLOOOOOOW down and listen to your body.
  • Do yoga or some other embodiment practice (do it DAILY, it takes time to unwind patterns of dis-embodiment)
  • Breathe more deeply.
  • Literally slow your days down, do less, be more, listen to your body's physical signals.
  • Spend more time scanning your body from head-to-toe during decision-making processes. 

Pay attention to these things:

  • What does your body DO when you think of a choice-path?
  • Do you feel lighter? Heavier? Does your solar-plexus squeeze shut? Does your head hurt? Does your body feel relaxed? etc....
  • The body signals that are pleasurable are the ones that help you make your choice toward Love.
  • The body signals that present discomfort represent choices that are not right for you or need some tweaking, or simply 'not now'.
  • Take ONE step toward the choices that give your body pleasurable sensations, on action step.
  • Then watch how your body responds to this positive action (basically it rewards you with more feedback, more accurate and clear feedback because it noticed you're ACTUALLY listening now)
  • Then tune in again, look for the next Love-based action step you can take, and TAKE it.
  • Watch your body reward you with more pleasure and peace.
  • Keeeeeeep taking Love-based actions, until this becomes habit, like brushing your teeth.

I'd love to hear from you, share in the comments below: How does your body talk to you about your choices in life?

We can all learn from each other’s experiences!

All love,

(*All quotes excerpted from the Baha’i Sacred Writings)


Posted on August 6, 2016 .

The Difference Between Good Fear and Bad Fear (and where I've been lately!)

 Feel the fear and keep moving through it with breath...

Feel the fear and keep moving through it with breath...

Just a few months ago I got the download that something was really awry with my family's health. As the woman, I am the keeper of the family's health in terms of spiritual responsibility. That's how I see it, especially because I'm deeply in tune with my inner oracle, resource powerful herbs and plant-based nutrition and involve body-centered therapies that I can do, my Husband can do, or we hire out for.

But recently, I noticed my Husband's health deteriorating...and it gave me pause. Because he's a powerful healer and yet still he couldn't arrest these strange symptoms he was having. Combine that with my super extended post-partum leave after having my baby trying to heal my Thyroid and all the symptoms that attended that...and most recently I got a full-body rash...something. Is. UP.

We are not like this. We are healers. We are powerful. We heal ourselves and others. Wth is going on? I kept thinking. I believe everyone needs an outside eye for their own process, and I involved the guidance of a skilled Osteopath MD, and it turns out ALL our symptoms point to chemical toxicity.

What?? Us, who don't eat pesticides? Us, who don't use ANY chemical cleaners? She pointed it to an environmental toxin and after some research we found that the golf course behind our home has been exposing us to chemical run-off for two years straight.

You can imagine the fear that flooded my body.

I brought my 8-month old, my Husband and I to this place in total trust. Raised my baby here. Wondered why my exhaustion was not yielding to strength and energy. Wondered why my mental fog was so thick even when my baby started sleeping through the night. Wondered why my Husband kept on looking less and less like himself and more and more like a sick person does. And what might be going on inside of my baby that I don't know about??

I had to take a MAJOR extended break from work and serving clients in my purpose for these maddening symptoms, and all the while I thought it was ME. Some part of me that wasn't willing to be healed. Or whatever. I kept blaming myself all this time.

Turns out, we were being poisoned by irresponsible people.

Now I want to mention that we are on a powerful chemical detox that's made entirely from citrus pectin and algae and some other good stuff and we are doing great, feeling better each day, and getting ready to move house, so don't worry.

But really, I wanted to share this story because even though we have the solution, we are taking consistent, conscious, expedient and powerful steps, I'm still really afraid. My mind wants to wander, wants to fear the unknown. I switch from feeling totally held by the Creator (when I'm in my body and really breathing and moving with the fears) to feeling afraid (when I'm stuck in my head) that we won't find our next home soon enough, that my daughter will have some type of long-term side-effect we don't know about yet, that we won't be provided for in our next steps.

Every time I have these negative thoughts I know I am in my head. My whole body tenses up, the space between my eyes gets heavy, and my tummy contracts. That's fear based on believing untrue thoughts, the body is brilliant at giving accurate feedback, and this is how it does it.

When I'm believing the thoughts that I am provided for, guided, supported by an all-loving Creator, my whole body relaxes, my vision gets sharper, and I breathe deeper. When I feel the opposite, I simply have to move my body, even a little bit, and keep moving and deepening my breath and connecting with God as I move and pray. It all feels so right there. Right here in my body everything feels okay, MORE than okay. There is a divine Hand in all of this. Each time I step into this space, some new dimension of support reaches us; we get a phone call, an email or some other piece of good news or form of support to help us get into safety and into our next steps.

I've noticed that I am in fear of one thing that I think IS really healthy. I'm in fear of stepping out of alignment from my Creator, and what that Creator wants for me. The Creator in my understanding is a better Friend to me than I am to myself. And when I feel this healthy sense of fear of stepping out of alignment from what the Essence wants for me, it feels like a child who wants to be guided by her parent, it feels like awe and respect in my body, it feels like healthy submission to One who wants better for me, Who knows me, and Who created me and Who loves me unconditionally. I wouldn't want to disappoint Someone like that.

I'm so awed by this process, and really thankful I get to work on my deepest triggers of all time in this process of staying active toward getting us where we need to be, and allowing God to work divine magic in the situation. Because these are some of the deepest triggers I know; something challenging our health and safety and stability.

Meanwhile, I continue to serve my clients in-person and via Skype to assist them to prosper in their callings. And that work brings me so much energy and joy. Watching others soar reminds me of my true nature and give me tremendous energy. Serving others is true upliftment and brightens my path and illuminates my own choices.

If you'd like to learn about your body, your purpose and how it all ties into your prosperity, please contact me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss working together in one of these ways, dedicated and tailored to the one and only YOU:

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Please note all programs are available via Skype and the work is just as powerful. You may also travel in town to work with me.

The investment for each program is shared during our consultation, and having a consultation is not an obligation to invest. If we both feel we are a match to work together, then I will share more about these programs and the investment at that time.

Also, I'd love to hear how you tell the difference between good fear and bad fear in your life? What does good fear mean to you? Please share in the comments below!

With all love,


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